I provide online services in sound processing for your band.

BOUDA is a mixing and mastering studio based in Hamburg. As an active musician, I’m all over Europe and can’t be tied to one place, so the studio is partly virtual/mobile, combined with the use of several leading studios in the Czech Republic and in Germany with whom I have worked closely. I am aiming for a balance, where mobility does not take away from quality; after all, most processes in any studio take place digitally. Don’t look here for pictures of shiny mixing boards or impressive lists of hardware — I don’t own any. In the 21st century, they aren’t needed to achieve what we are all aiming for, that is GREAT SOUND.

The core of my studio is a  computer loaded with DSP soundcards, with a host of professional high-end plug-ins, complete with the most basic hardware: AD/ DA converters, preamps, and Universal Audio channel strips. High-quality Genelec, Yamaha and JBL studio monitors provide precision monitoring

For more sophisticated projects, however, I use external studios where I can also process analog sound in the highest quality (Neve, SSL, Millennia, Lexicon, Eventide, …). In short, I always choose what’s best for each band individually.
I can also arrange to record your band in these studios, though my focus is primarily on the processes that follow the recording itself: editing, mixing, and mastering.

If you want to enrich your recording experience with side trips, and then have a place to send your colleagues when they’re not needed in the studio,  I offer an exciting opportunity to record in the heart of Hamburg, in a professional studio on board a ship on the Elbe River! There is bed and breakfast provided as well. But we can also record in the outskirts of Prague.

If you already have recorded material, you upload, everything can be done online.  You can send your raw, uncompressed recordings by individual tracks (in the case of mastering stereo output(s) from the mix) and I will send you back the finished tracks according to your requirements, in CD quality or any other selected format.

Mainly I want to help out small projects and beginning bands — to get the most out of the “lounge-garage” recordings — but I also can service larger, professional bands, for whom this “remote” form of cooperation a good fit.